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    Most new players naturally gravitate towards observing how openings are played. In the case of Trice's Chess such trends and interests are no different. However, one should not merely "graft" 8x8 chess ideas onto the 10x8 board: such a rote application is bound to be met with undesired results. The most common misconception is that 1. e4 in 8x8 chess has the equivalent move in 1. f4 in Trice's Chess. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! After 1. e4 e5 in 8x8 chess the Queen and one Bishop have open diagonals on which to move but after 1. f4 f5 in Trice's Chess each players' Bishop on the Queenside in the c-file is locked in even if its retaining Pawn had moved. Additionally, neither Queen can move, and only the Archbishop has any diagonal range at all. So take note of the new board geometry which supports many new and exciting attack possibilities that require one to think creatively. Don't just commit opening ideas to memory: use their example as inspiration to find your own stunning combinations to spring on your opponents.

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